Locked staking coins on Binance disappear from Accointing balance

If any coins are put into locked staking on Binance then these coins disappear from the Accointing balance and only re-appear after the staking period is done (15, 30, 60. 90 days).

On Kraken staked coins are visible on Accointing.

Please can Accointing work with Binance to see if staked coins information can be shared with Accointing.

Otherwise manual transactions are required to get the overall balance correct.

See example below.

Can confirm, same issue in my account. Would be nice to have a fix.

This might be either an API implementation error or a missing API feature. if its the former then Accointing would have to fix the problem. if its the latter then Binance would have to fix the problem. Either way, you should check with Binance customer support to see if that feature is available from their api and to request it if it isn’t. If it isn’t available they might implement it if enough people ask for it.

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I think it would be a lot easier if Accointing addressed this so we know where the issue lies. Binance CS is abysmal. Their ticketing service does not seem to exist anymore and their live chats can take up to 8 hours to text chat to a human and then it is hit and miss whether you can get the support you need.

Hopefully the issue lies with Accointing as it would probably be much quicker to fix rather than Binance.

Comments please @Rod @Accointing


@alantbarlow On Cointracking.info the staked coins in Binance are reported correctly via the API, so my guess is that it’s an implementation gap on Accointing.

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Thanks for the follow up. This is very helpful.

Something for @accointinghelp @Accointing @Rod to put on their fixit list :smiley: