Locked staking coins on Binance disappear from Accointing balance - Part 2

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I understand the creation of a new dummy wallet. It is doable for Binance (and others) but is a real pain in the ass and it’s easy to end up with errors.

Are you able to clarify your comment in relation to the screenshot?
Accointing will take your tax data out of what is shown in the full data set, not the totals that are displayed in the wallet.

I’m still trying to understand if the overall portfolio balance on the portfolio overview balance page uses the numbers highlighted in the green or in the yellow?

If the numbers in green are used then the actual balance is OK.
If the balance in yellow is used and you have a huge number of coins being staked then to get a more accurate portfolio overview balance you’d have to manually add in the coins into the balance for a more accurate number.

For example if I staked the 5 SOL coins on 15th Jan for 30 days then checked and recorded my balance on the 31st January 23h59 would I need to manually add in the 5 SOL coins that were staked to get a better estimate of the balance on 31st Jan or has Accointing’s system accounted for that already?

Yes, I was trying to sum up this article :slight_smile:

In this case, the yellow is the actual balance that is reported from your wallet.
And the green one is the calculated balance based on your full data set in Accointing.
The green one is how you will be taxed.

As you example, I would still use the dummy staking wallet even for the 30 day staking, so that you do not lose this month that could be used for a long term holding (coins held for more than a year). And it also would garentee that you are not taxed when the coins left and rejoined your wallet.

Thanks @Matt.

I think I get it now. But to be sure let me try ask in another way. Forget about taxes calculations for the moment.

I know that the blue and pink numbers in the screenshot of portfolio balances below are calculated differently so don’t worry about that for the moment.

Now if you look at the post above with the yellow and green numbers for YFI, which are different due to staking not being reported by Binance API, do overall portfolio values shown in blue and pink use the number in yellow or the number in green?

The graph is the calculated data as reported in the Full Data Set. Therefore it is reporting the green number.

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Thanks. This is good to know!

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