Limit orders changing funds?

Hello, I noticed, that limit sell orders decrease the token-balance.

In my opinion this renders Accounting totally useless for me. :-/

Or is this just happening with (didn’t check for other exchanges yet).

Details: The moment I place limit orders, Accointing doesn’t “see” those tokens any more and reports:
“This external wallet reports a different balance than the imported transactions result in on Accointing. You can compare the wallets transactions with your Full-Data-Set or use the Missing-Funds-Tool to fix those automatically.”

Nobody else struggling with this problem?

IMO that’s not a minor little issue.

Average purchasing price, funds, … all get totally inconsistent just by placing limit orders?!? :expressionless:

We are aware of this bug with - When creating a limit order on, Accointing will report on the balance (But not a transaction) as if the coin has already been sold, when in reality the order is still pending. If the order is fulfilled or canceled, it will go back to being correct.