Ledger plus Metamask

Hey there!

have a question about my eth wallet from my ledger connected to metamask - after adding both wallets they seem to appear double in my calculation; accointing doesn’t seem to recognize them beeing the same. best and many thanks! sandro

Does your Ledger and Metamask have the same wallet address? Can you simple delete one of the 2 if they are the same wallet address?

yes, this was also my first attempt; but then in ran in some small issues because ledger doesn’t list all erc20 tokens metamask does but somehow the ledger value is monitored higher than metamask - but didn’t review all transactions yet so pprbly your suggestion is the way to go. thanks for the answer, will keep you updated if i run in further problems.

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Awesome! You could also copy and paste your ETH address into this as a 3rd option: