Ledger BTC API not working

Here is what I did…

  1. Create ledger btc wallet using xpub
  2. Use it for a few months
  3. Go to reconcile - get error that amounts in accointing don’t match the amounts in API
  4. Reconcile every transaction - they should match
  5. Give up and delete the Ledger BTC wallet to start again
  6. Add new Ledger BTC wallet using same xbup
  7. Ledger BTC wallet imports with one transaction only

If I was to guess there’s a problem in cache or the backend DB. Please advise.

is a bug and soon will be resolved

Can you clarify “soon” please? Trying to do taxes and this is a pretty unacceptable bug and “soon” isn’t a great response. How can I initiate a refund?

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I cannot say an official answer,i have the same issue like you

This software is garbage - looking to get a refund.