L2 AAVE Tracking?

Hi All,
Has anyone had any luck getting L2 (Polygon) AAVE balances (MetaMask) to show in the Dashboard? I’m not able to get them to track no matter what I try


Are you saying that you set up a Custom RPC for your metamask for Polygon and AAVE?
Or do you have Polygon and AAVE on the ETH network in your metamask?
Can you provide a screenshot?

Hey Matt,
Thanks for the reply. I am using a custom RPC in metamask to support the Polygon Network.

When I try to connect the wallet to Accointing, either using the MetaMask or Polygon wallet connect, it only pulls my ETH balance on the Ethereum Mainnet and does not include the Polygon Network balance or the coins locked in AAVE

I can’t figure out if this is just not supported yet or if it’s a bug. I am hopeful though because accointing does pick up the BTCB (Binance Chain) on Trust Wallet that is locked in KAVA so I’m really hopeful we can get this sorted on Polygon and MetaMask.

Since I’m a new user it won’t let me attach more than one image per post, but I am hoping to get Accointing to find and track these balances locked in AAVE as tracked on the Matic Network Explorer.

So the custome RPC fir the Matic / Polygon network is the issue. To vote for support for this you would need to vote here:

The Metamask we support is only for ETH.


Checking to see if there are any updates on this. Looks like it’s been a few months and the Polygon Network + AAVE are here to stay. Can we expect the Polygon Mainnet in Metamask to be integrated in Accointing’s tracking?

  1. Polygon is added :slight_smile:
  2. Aave has been added

Metamask integration in not yet available for these blockchains that I am aware of, however you can still add it, just copy and paste your address :slight_smile:

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