Kusama Wallet support

The same way that we have wallet for Polkadot, would be nice to be able to import Kusama(KSM) using the wallet address.

Hi @alirio! Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully you will get more votes to move your request faster in the development pipeline

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This is urgently needed due to the rise of the Kusama parachain auctions and go live of the parachains on Kusama

Let’s get some more votes! Rooting for you!

@Rod is there a way of manually adding a Kusama $KSM polkawallet address into accointing? I’ve tried using the Polkadot wallet template and adding the Kusama address, but get a failure. Is it more that the address that is required?

Currently I had been doing it using the file import, but it’s cumbersome, imho.

@alirio to do that do you output a file from Polkawallet and then import into Accointing?

As @alirio said, that would be the best way to go about it until we have enough votes to implement this.

@AndyB I created a generic wallet and after imported from file, it will recognise the coin from the ticker on of the transactions.

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@alirio @Rod thanks. I will give that a try

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