Kucoin XLSX file in wrong format

I requested the Accointing version of the xlsx file from Kucoin (API is throwing too many errors)
They will only give me an xlsx file in their own format.

I dont know how to translate to the template Accointing provides?

The fields are:
A user_id
B trade_id
C symbol example:(OCEAN-BTC)
D order_type (always limit)
E deal_price
F amount
G direction example:(SELL or BUY)
H funds
I fee_currency
J fee
K created_at
L created_date

I suggest connecting Kucoin via API instead.
Later this we will make it more clear what data is not sent via KuCoin’s API so you can anticipate where you may be missing data and add them manually.
If you insist on manually adding it with, you would need to follow our template.


4. Folow the instructions and see an example below

Again, syncing it via API will be easier, and later this week we will make it more clear what info will be missing.

I have had partial success with the Kucoin API. I will try creating another manual wallet to add missing transactions from 2018.

The main issue I have now is with the Fix for ME option under missing funds.
I have 7 wallets showing single trades and withdraws. Fix for Me creates wallet errors.

For example:
Crypto.com shows orders totalling 7k in missing CRO deposits. Fix for Me adds the missing deposit before the sell order BUT it also increases the amount in my wallet as if I have extra money? Please see pictures attached.



Same here. Integrating Kucoin via API results in me having 0.5 million euros out of thin air. Almost each and every order is shown as “without history”. It is completely unreliable unusable and broken at this point.

Instead of fixing it for you, have to tried one of the other actions to see where the issue is? I could be that it imported a withdrawal before a deposit.
Do you have a debit card with them? Have you included the purchases you have made with your card?

A quick fix solution would be to create a new withdrawal today in the data set so that you have the correct amount of CRO showing in Accointing. but it is suggested to figure out what is causing these issues in the review page to create a better and stronger tax form.