KuCoin Margin Account is completely ignored

I am lost , tired, and confused… And I cant believe that I am the only one experiencing this issue.
The KuCoin margin account transactions are not being imported by the API,
However the Balances shown on the missing money screen INCLUDE the current balances in the margin account, just added to the trading account balance without any supporting transaction history.
I tried to create a manual exchange account for the Margin account and importing the 8 CSV files that kucoin requires you to download CSV data with. The result was an absolute nightmare, took me over a week and STILL was not correct. and adding reconcile transactions for thousands of dollars hardly seems correct either.

Then i accidentally deleted all the kucoin data, and I am back at square one except I have a whole data backup of my Accointing so, I’m trying to determine how I can recover my work.

I tried to contact Kucoin support for their single download, they have ignored 3 tickets for about 2 weeks now.

Please, ive searched this forum and there is no help here, either I’m the only person the API is not working for, or you all filed taxes with lousy data… but I am stunned that no body else posted about this at all, cause Ive seen the market, I KNOW yall are trading margin, the liquidations are everywhere.

Any help at all would be life changing at this point
Thank you

of course it just keeps getting better… how exactly are these 2 transactions related?

Hey @spurls, the problem you are experiencing is a common issue, normally with the Kucoin Futures, but it has the same issue as with the Margin. Kucoin does not send their Futures nor Margin account data through their API. This is why you are forced to upload your csv as you are trying to do. :confused: Once Kucoin adds their Margin data through their API, Accoitning will certainly be able to take care of this for you :slight_smile:

You said that you downloaded a backup of your data? I assume you mean this?

To reupload that, you can try adding Accointing as an service.
Then it will ask you to connect your coins (Such as coins not in our system or coins that are the same symbol, just need to make sure we use the right one).

Then select where you want to upload the info to which wallets -

Then boom! It will make a new wallet for it, so you can compare the data or classifications or delete repeated wallets you do not have trouble with :smiley:

Remember that this was a csv upload and therefore is no longer a live connection nor API connected anymore.

Here is an article on internals:

Please let me know if I missed anything or if you need more help :slight_smile: