Kucoin API Timezone Issue

So it appears that there’s a time issuezone on the Kucoin API wallet integration. When I make a transaction on Kucoin, if I try to sync the exchange none of my transactions show up, however the wallet shows it has a mismatched balance. If I wait 7 or 8 hours and do a sync, then all of my transactions show up.

This appears to be an issue with time zones as I’m PST (GMT -7). Also when doing an internal transaction between Kucoin and another Exchange, if I wait a day, the time between the outbound transaction on Kucoin and inbound transaction on the destination exchange (Coinbase, Gemini, etc) has a time difference of 8 hours.

Yes, this has been an issue for a while now. We can look into the issue again or make it more obvious that you may need to wait for the data to be imported. Thank you for your concern :slight_smile:

Any progress on this? I has been many months since this was reported.

No update yet and some of our men are on holiday.

Checking in again. This has messed with my books for such a long time now.

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