Kucoin API Timezone Incorrec

When API imports from KuCoin it is coming through with an unknown timezone. For example I am USA Central and when I have an Internal transfer that actually happened at 4-3-21 10:45 PM, it shows in KuCoin wallet at 4-4-21 at 6:46 AM. My timezone in KuCoin is set correctly, I have verified in settings and in logged items. This is far enough apart that it screws with the order of transactions.

Hi! Are you requesting the file directly from KuCoin support? Here’s their email: newapi@kucoin.plus

I am using the direct API connection from Accointing Wallets.

What timezone is it showing in your settings?

It is America / Chicago. All other wallets (API and CSV) follow this except KuCoin API.

I also have the same issue. My timezone is America/Los Angeles. It’s able to see the balance but NOT the transactions. I have to enter them manually then the next day they are seen and causes all sorts of issues with my manual entries. Seems this is because the API data is being returned in their local time and from my current timezone it looks like it’s in the future.

Sorry guys for the inconvenience. Will let you know when this has been addressed.

Has there been any progress on this?

Still waiting for an update to this.

I’ll try to have an answer for you tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

Hi Rod, checking back in on this.

Hi! Nothing yet. I’m sorry. Will follow up on it.

Hi! Got news today. We currently have the research of this issue on the pipeline, but we have other issues that are affecting a higher population within the ACCOINTING.com audience. Due to the complex situation of the KuCoin API and the information they provide, it’s most likely that it’s an issue from their end as we don’t have this issue with any other exchange. We will address this once we are done with those. Apologies for any inconvenience this might cause.

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Is there any progress here? I also see an offset auf 8 hours between what is reported in Kucoin and imported via API in accointing. My settings in Accointing have Europe/Berlin timezone configured.
@Rod I can see that cointracking ist getting it right, so I hope you can fix it soon too!

I assume that in accointing the times displayed are always done w.r.t. the configured timezone, correct?

Following up on this again. This is causing major misreporting of values and I just can’t go back and move the time for hundreds of trades.

This should be fixed Monday, please wait for instructions :slight_smile:

This issue has been resolved, you may see duplicates, especially for deposits.
You may want to delete and reconnect your wallet.
Do not forget to reclassify