Kucoin api data

The transaction limit is only for printing tax reports, users can still import in as many transactions as they want

Hey guys, can you help me with the following?
Does the Kucoin API track the following in your Accointing:

  • Trades & fees
  • Margin Trade
  • OTC Trade
  • Airdrops/Forks
  • Conversions to KNC (Like dust Sweeps)
  • Deposit and withdrawals
  • Staking income
  • Referral Rewards

Let me know if you can confirm any of these and if you notice anything else missing or working that I missed.

Does the KuCoin API work for you, guys? It’s not working for me.
I also contacted their support a week ago, but no answer.
Also the Withdrawal History is not quite working on their website.

Hey @dividedG DM me your email or ticket number and I can have the support team take a look

So any expectations for the KuCoin API to be good at some point?

I have a tone of transactions… :sweat_smile:

I personally connected via API, then filled in the holes manually.

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Thats a no I guess :joy:

So I went through my deposit and withdraw history and I can confirm that the KuCoin API doesn’t miss a single deposit or withdraw.

So data which is missing is all orders/trades.

Just informing you @Matt

Now I will go through my trades… this will take a while… :joy:


I got in contact with KuCoin support to deal with this. Here is the answer:

Dear Valued KuCoin User,

Thank you for contacting KuCoin customer support.

As per your question, please kindly note that in order to provide a smoother experience for all users, we did some improvements recently and users are just allowed to download and check the recent past half-year trade/deposit/withdrawal history, you may select the correct time period then check and export it. Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and we can totally understand your situation, we’re able to download the complete history for you, it may take a few days to be completed, please kindly wait for our reply in the email.
We hope this information guides you to the right direction.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding to this process, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Kind regards

KuCoin Customer Care and Support Team

So now I got a file via email with EVERYTHING.

I just deleted my KuCoin thing on accointing and made a new one with this file and it simply includes everything and just works!


Happy trading guys. Thanks @Matt anyways

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