Kucoin api data

Looks like more than deposits were duplicated after the time fix. Those are order transactions I shared.

Good to know, I personally did not experience a duplicate order in my full data set.

still haveing the same issue… before the fix it was fine, now however, deposits as well as orders from 2021 have been duplicated, this is really annoying!

edit: temporary fix seems to be to delete the affected coins (not ignore but completely delete) and then to let the wallet refresh again…s there might be an updating/matching error on the accointing end

You can delete and reimport your wallet and all would be fine, just remember to reclassify :slight_smile:

I think I will try deleting my wallet and let it start over. It’s such a mess I don’t think it can get any worse.

It’s back to showing a little over double what my real holdings value is in the chart now instead of quadruple so I guess that’s something. Still a lot of missing transactions even from early on. It will take a lot of time and effort to comb through it all.

I just connected Kucoin to my Mint account to see what it showed and it looks like they are having just as much of a bad time with the api. 2 of the coins I hold it shows the amount of koins held as the dollar amount which is way more than they are really worth. lol

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Thank you for confirming!

I am not sure if this issue with KuCoin is extending to now completing over inflating my ‘Holdings’ amount (over doubling the actual value I have) and also completely over estimating the amount of ‘Realised Gain’.

The realised gain is stating I have made so much gain that my total Gain is now bigger then the actual value of my holdings!

Its starting to feel like there is no way to fix any of this making trying to file a tax report actually impossible. The tax man is going to think I have more Tax than the total amount I actually have going off the current figures from Accointing.

EDIT: Froma Tax point of view, rather than trying to fix the KuCoin issue…what implication is there in just using the ‘Fix’ feature and relying on that to reconcile the missing data? Does this has a negative impact from a Tax position?

So the classification of Reconcile is a non-taxable event. It is just to help users if they cannot find the mistake themselves.

  • Please check your transaction history (imported via API or CSV) and add missing transactions.
  • Reconcile (auto solve) your balance if you can’t find mistakes in your dataset
  • Contact us if you need more information or if something is not clear