Kucoin api data

you will coming monday or you already did? for most of my coins on kucoin the amount is currently duplicated (which it was not before) so I hope that is not due to the update :wink:

Has this upgrade been applied? Does the upgrade improve the API or is it relation to the csv upload functionality as previously mentioned further up the topic?

I’ve been doing some digging and I can see on my 2x KuCoin accounts that I have between 1-3 months worth of trade data missing at the start of each of the accounts ‘life’. The data being sent from KuCoin which matches the export suggest that I made deposits, did nothing for a few months and then started trading. But the first trade is with a coin I do not own because there is no purchase history.

For example
01/09/2020 deposit 100 USDT
01/11/2020 Sell 1000 ANKR to USDT

Here Accointing is confused because I deposit USDT but did not purchase any ANKR. This is then essentially starting off the data set life cycle on the wrong foot.

I have raised a ticket with KuCoin to investigate the trade history in the gaps between the start of the account and the first trade the API picks up.

I might suggest others take a look at the start of their account history to see if something similar is happening.

I’ll keep you updated to see what KuCoin reply with.

yeah, i’ve been pulling my hair out over this for a few weeks now. i have about2 or 3 coins i built a massive position on in kucoin alone and the api sync on accointing literally doesn’t have a single purchase for either of them. a large amount of error rows asking for missing funds. i should not need to manually reconcile sales that have purchase history as it completely breaks actual cost basis for positions giving you much higher filing liability.

i could be seeing wrong but it seems like the TradeHistory.xlsx that Kucoin support provided me does in fact contain the purchase orders I’m missing, but then if you go the xlsx route you end up with different holes because of the duplicate tx + timezone issue. Kucoin is completely ruining my tax breakdown across over 40 wallets and numerous other exchanges when I was expecting FTX to bring me down.

Let me double-check with the team if the Kucoin is ready to publish before I tell you guys what to do :slight_smile:

What do you mean by ready to publish?

Kucoin is fix, but this has nothing to do with the holes in historical data. It fixed the time that Kucoin API was off. It used to be off by 6 hours, that has been fixed :slight_smile:

Ok hopefully this will help.

I’m not sure if others want to check but my API (I have 2x KuCoin exchanges) on both exchanges has a gap between the first deposit on the exchange and the first Order. For example on one the first deposit was 9th July 2020but the first order is apparently 3rd December 2020. I know that I was trading between those dates.

So I have several month’s worth of trades missing which I think is contributing to the misalignment of funds.

I have checked the exports from KuCoin itself and it matches the API data. I am worried that KuCoin has missing data!! I am still awaiting for their Support team to send me an export (I am hoping they have a different function to export then I do) and I hope their export has the missing amounts. If it does I can raise a further ticket to demonstrate that their ‘User’ driven exports are missing trade information.

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Now mine duplicated some if not everything. I guess I have to start from scratch, I tried to manually adding Ignored as classification but still more and does not match. I’ll have to rematch/remap all the bots I had before since it was not part of the API.

yes, same problem for me, that a lot of the entries are duplicated but with differen time stamps… it was fine before though…

Have either of you checked to see if the start of the data is correct? On both mine I have about 2-3 Months of trades missing after my first deposit of funds.

I’ve not noticed duplicates, but there’s so much in the Red needs review that until I know I have all my trade info present I can see what errors are being driven by missing info and what is being driven by potential duplicates/time stamp issues.

Hello guys, with the new update to Kucoin API, we were able to fix the actual times that you received coins.
The only Duplicated transactions in my personal Kucoin Full Data Set are my deposits. I simply classified the duplicated one as ignored. All future data should be good, besides the holes that were already there.

My old deposits are dupicated.
All my orders and withdrawals seem unchanged.
Let me know if you guys experience anything different.

Will it be better to simply create a new “Exchange” entry for our Kucoin and reclassify and match internals again? I have some manual entries on my Kucoin as I used bot which was not included. Or subaccounts included now? Does Accointing also count ignored transactions for billing?

Ignored Transfers are not on your tax report. I think they count as a transaction for what plan you pay for, let me ask :thinking:

@Romeo you can do this:
You could re-import your Kucoin wallet (This requires you to reclassify everything.)
To reclassify, I personally keep the old Kucoin, then add the new Kucoin via API.
Then I put then I split the screen in half by opening up another tab in the browser.
Then I go to the full data set and sort it by only the old Kucoin on the left and only the new Kucoin on the right and compare until all things are reclassified.
If you wanted you could filter by deposits and withdrawals since those are the only things that would need to be classified.
Then I delete the old Kucoin

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I’ve started doing some more manual imports to try to fill the holes and something else I’m finding when reviewing the data is some transfers in from another exchange are getting classified as both Internal and as a Deposit. Data for the transaction is coming from the API in both instances. Here is one example where you can see that this is the same transaction and should not be duplicated.

I have to go look for these and mark the “Deposit” one to ignore since it is a transfer and not a Deposit.

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When manually importing data I also started adding in the Order ID from the Kucoin exported data in hopes it would help identify duplicates. Unfortunately what I’m finding it the Order ID number from the exported data doesn’t match the Transaction hash from the API data. So that is no help at all.

Thank you for your findings, @slowgains :slight_smile:
Can you send me an example of the transaction hash not matching?

Here’s an example. Honestly I’m not sure if any of these are actually hash numbers or just some kind of internal order ID. I can get the full hash numbers tied to these if it will help.

The more I comb through the data the more of a mess I find. I’m also finding duplicate transactions coming from the API. This might be due to fixing the time issue, but it has kept both transactions in the log. It’s looking like this is an impossible task to try to rectify the data.

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Yes, deposits have been duplicated in Kucoin after the time fix, it is annoying, I know.
I believe these are internal transactions IDs from Kucoin, not the transaction hash on the blockchain. This is what data they send through their API.