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I’ve started importing data exported to csv from Kucoin now and finding the issue with that is duplicate transactions. Would it be possible in the future for Accointing to detect possible duplicate transactions when using both API and Manual import?

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I will put that suggestion in :slight_smile: about the duplicates :slight_smile:
What info seems to be missing? X-pool I believe is not supported, I am unsure bout margin and futures. All Spot trading should work, sometimes it is like 24hours delayed, but it is there.


I’m only doing spot trading and I seem to have large patches of missing transaction from months ago. I’m not sure yet how long the missing data continues. I can’t make any sense of why it’s missing. I’ve been working on importing the data as I have time and then going through and marking the duplicate transactions from the manual import to be ignored. In doing so I’ve found large chunks of spot trades that didn’t come in with the api. My data for Kucoin is so far off it’s hard to tell if I’m making a dent to make it better yet.

So far it’s making my overview graph worse, but I haven’t gotten far enough in to know if it’s pushing the shelf of correct data farther to the right yet. In the picture below you can see the large jump in March. That is not a big deposit or large gains (sadly). It’s just bad data from Kucoin. I’m hoping as I work my way through that shelf will move to the right until it’s gone and the graph is at least close to correct.


Yes, the API that Kucoin offers is so holey. But we would still like to take a look at this because this seems extreme.

I’m going to need you to help me out with the following:

  1. Screenshot of the error you received
  2. Wallet/Exchange you were using when you encountered this issue
  3. Exchange or Wallet API keys, Wallet Address or CSV used to try to replicate the error
  4. A link to this page (This Community Board Post)

Please send all of this to support@accointing.com and we will try to help you out as quickly as possible.

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It’s been looked at a couple times. I think it may have gotten slightly more data the last time which is what caused that strange spike in the graph at the end of July. I can reply to the last email I received about it.

Yes, please reply and update them on your situation :slight_smile:

I did and got a response back. I think they are working on trying to find a solution.

I am interested to see how this goes. I use Kucoin and find the API very hit and miss. I often find that it says Kucoin believes you have X when Account believes you have zero. Usually if its a very very small figure i’m not bothered but we’re talking in some cases the majority of my whole investment is deemed to be missing.

I have not looked extensively but is the exported transactions/deposits/withdrawals from KuCoin easily uploaded to Accointing in terms of formatting and also is it more accurate. Whilst I love the idea of having a more ‘live’ overview of my investments via API the ultimate need is to ensure I can report my taxes. So I am happy doing some monthly admin in terms of uploading files as long as those files get the job done.

Just a thought on this…
I wonder if the frequency that I trade on (and also the frequency others who are having issues with Kucoin trade on) means that the 24 hour delay we see in Kucoin API data results in it always looking like its wrong.

For example I have a Kucoin account and on Monday I sell 100 USDT to buy 100 Coin X and the API updates on Monday. The data on Accointing will say in the missing funds section:
Balance on KuCoin 0 USDT 100 X Coin
Balance on Accointing 100 USDT 0 X Coin

Therefore looking incorrect and something isn’t right.

Then and Tuesday I sell my 100 X Coin and receive 110 USDT (10% profit, sweet!) and the API runs again
Balance on Kucoin 110 USDT 0 X Coin
Balance on Accointing 0 USDT 100 X Coin

and this cycle of it basically chasing its tail because I may trade frequently within a 24 hour period means it never looks right.

If I bought the X Coin on Monday ran the API on Monday and left it until Wednesday and ran the API I wonder if the same issue would occur?

As a side note I often see the ‘Missing Funds’ page reporting the correct Balances as per Kucoin but it is the Accointing column that is incorrect. So If the page can display what Kucoin balance is, why is that balance not being validated on to Accointing and Accointing reporting the discrepancy?

I think my really high trade volumes (number of trades not dollar amount) is part of the problem. For some reason the API seems to ignore a lot of transactions and from what I can tell it’s not just a delay issue or they would eventually show up. I have transactions missing from months ago. The CVS data seems to be more complete since it was adding a bunch of transactions that didn’t come in with the API. It is a tedious task to import them though. You have to reformat the data using the template from Accointing which isn’t terribly hard to do, but it is very time consuming if you haven’t kept up with it. Then you have to look over the transactions in Accointing and either delete or ignore the duplicates since Accointing doesn’t automatically recognize them.

I haven’t gotten far enough into importing CVS files (due to lack of time) to know yet how much it’s helping, but what I have imported has added a lot of missing transactions.

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I’m wondering if its worth deleting the exchange completely and re-adding using the exported data therefore, removing any issue over duplication?

I’m tempted to remove the API (Leave the data) and then re-add the API manually in a week’s time and refresh to see if that cuts out the noise of the delay and shows a more complete picture…

At the minute trade relatively frequently i.e. several trades per day and I also have the odd bigger value trade and the API just shows that a large sum of money is missing due to the delay. The main screen seems to be OK its just there always seems to be value missing in the Missing Funds screen.

Not that I want to but I reckon if I converted all to USDT and then ran the API if it sorts itself out (not that I am going to do that with my investments). But it almost feels as though it needs a couple days to sort itself out.

I am sorry that the data is so holey…
Is this feature request of help any?

There is also an issue of the timezones, Kucoin likes to submit late:

Having the ability to import the native csv file would be much easier than having to convert the data to the template. Doing that would still mean the need for duplicate transaction detection or abandoning using the API all together. I’m still not sure if the CSV has holes in it like the API does or not, but it seems to be more complete. It would be a lot easier to tell if I could import the native csv files though.

I agree. however that takes time and energy and testing. Right now we are focusing on other things like tracking defi and possible NFTs. We are hiring if you know someone though.

Would love to find out if the KuCoin API problem has been resolved by Accointing?g Please advise. Thanks.

We have something that was to be announced today, but was postponed until next Monday for more testing. We should be able to fix the issue of the transaction times being off. I am unsure what else may have been able to be fixed.

Hi, I noticed that now a lot of KUCOIN transactions are duplicated, but with different time codes… so there might still be something to fix here

Will you please update us when we can export/import the cvs files (you mentioned further testing was being pushed for Monday 20th)?

The Holding values that are being shown on the first page are waaaaay off. Nearly triple the actual value. On the KuCoin Review page it is showing that the Value of USDT on KuCoin is $5 but Accointing thinks that value should be $19,000.

I have never had $19,000 in USDT on this exchange and the current value of my USDT is $5 so surely the issue here is Accointing and not KuCoin?

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We have a Kucoin upgrade published on Monday :slight_smile:

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