Kraken incorrect "missing funds" issue


Accointing is stating for Kraken, that the exchange is reporting a certain balance (e.g. 1.23 ETH), but that the data imported into Accointing has a different balance (e.g. 1.3 ETH).

However, when I check the full data set, filter by Kraken and ETH, and manually add up the amounts, it does indeed add up to the exchange-reported value (e.g. 1.23 ETH).

So generally the error is that Accointing is saying that data imported adds up to the wrong value, but actually it doesn’t (or certainly doesn’t seem to!) - in reality the imported data and exchange-reported balance are equal.

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Maybe there is a miscalculation with the fees?
What is the actual amount on Kraken’s website?

If we can figure out the issue, we can update it here on our chart for Kraken.

The ETH in question is staked (i.e. ETH2).

On the Kraken website it shows I have 7.6323 staking balance, and rewards of 0.05954 for a total of 7.69184 (N.B. The ETH2 rewards don’t get auto-staked; they’re not part of the staking balance).

On Accointing it says that “the wallet reports a balance of 7.69184393” (close enough - maybe the Kraken website isn’t showing me all of the decimal places), but that “based upon the data imported into Accointing the balance is 7.70273937”.

However, if I go to the full data set in Accointing, filter by Kraken and ETH and manually add up the figured, I get 7.69184393 (exactly as expected).

All seems ok apart from the bizarre warning.

Ok, so yes - upon further investigation, it’s the transfer fees, and looks to be a bug in Accointing.

Accointing looks to be adding up the ETH that has gone into the account whilst ignoring the fees that were lost in the transfer. (Or put another way, it’s not adding up what landed in Kraken, it’s instead adding up what departed from the Coinbase account).

Is a fix to this already in the works? What sort of timescale are we looking at for a resolution. I’m wanting to use Accointing for taxes, but deadlines are soon approaching.

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What you did is fine, we will update our system once CoinMarketCap updates there :slight_smile:
Here is what we currently suggest:

Hi Matt,

I’m confused. Your reply seems to bear no relation to my question/problem, and I haven’t done anything - Accointing is incorrectly showing a warning, and I still have that original problem.

Kraken actual balance: 7.69831999
Accointing says wallet reports: 7.69831999
Accointing complains that transactions add up to: 7.70921543, but they don’t. They too add up to 7.69831999

Underlying problem: Accointing is adding up incorrectly (it thinks I still have the fees that I lost when moving my ETH from Coinbase to Kraken).

Workaround: None. Still broken.

And whilst yes - I have later gone and staked my ETH, I did not had to do anything like the article that you linked shows. I do not have an ETH2->ETH unknown currencies mapping, but Accointing already understands that my ETH2 is ETH. So, I think that article is out of date.

(But still - that article looks to be unrelated to my problem).

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This information is very helpful!

Thanks for bringing that to our attention. I have created a bug for it and will keep you posted once this is fixed. I appreciate your time and patience.

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Thanks Matt :slight_smile:

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Any progress on this? Or a rough timeframe to fix?
This is core functionality - the ability of Accointing to correctly add up figures that it has imported.

I am sorry, at this time, our team is busy fixing a Coinbase connection issue. We plan to get to this though.

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Hey guys, so for the fee issue, a fee in our system is actually a separate transaction in our software.
So let’s say you want to send 100 BTC to another wallet and it has a fee of 1 BTC to send.
The correct way to add this into our system would be the following:

Transfer 99 BTC with a fee of 1 BTC

A common issue is that users think that the fee is subtracted from the amount and will get this issue:

(This is just a hypothetical example with easy math to make more understandable.)

Please let me know if you are still experiencing this issue.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for that, but regardless of when/where/how the fee is subtracted, the bug is still in Accointing, as all of the involved accounts are API imported.

i.e. I have a Coinbase Pro account (imported via API) sending funds to Kraken (imported via API)

Surely Accointing should handle this correctly without my intervention?


I’ve dropped + reimported Coinbase / Coinbase Pro / Kraken, and the fees now look to be correctly set!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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