Kraken account shows only staked ETH not normal ETH

Hello, I’ve staked a part of my ETH holdings with Kraken, not all of them. That means that, in my Kraken account, I have bot STAKED ETH and NORMAL (NON STAKED) ETH.
Before staking → Kraken wallet in Accointing showed the right amount
After staking → Kraken wallet in Accointing only shows the STAKED ETH not the NORMAL ETH, so I get the MISSING FUNDS warning.

No answer in 2 weeks? Acknowledging the bug at least would be a start

Hello @frenzy sorry for the slow delay in replies. I was hired on Monday, so hopefully things can go faster :slight_smile:
Does this article help you? I imagine your issue would be similar to a liquidity pool.

HI @Matt, congrats on your hire and thank you for answering. Yup I worked around this issue creating another wallet named something along the lines of “Kraken workaround”. It’s kinda hacky though, and it doesn’t look good on the tax report document I have to provide my country’s tax authorities with, which is my main use for my Accointing subscription.

Also since Accointing only sees my staked ETH on Kraken not the ones I can actually transact with, this workaround implies that for every ETH transaction I do on Kraken, moving forward, I will have to manually adjust the “Kraken workaround” wallet.

I’m not sure where the issue lies - whether in Kraken API or in the Accointing implementation of it, but I was hoping that Accointing could correctly distinguish between ETH, ETH 2.0 (staked) and ETH 2.0 (staking rewards).

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Hey @frenzy consider voting for this: New Type Of Wallet - Liquidity / Staking Pool Wallets

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Sure but that’s a cosmetic new type of wallet that would do nothing towards fixing the bug I’m talking about there.

Just to be clear here, the bug is two-folded. Since I staked some of my ETH:

  1. Accointing only sees my ETH2 on Kraken and ignores my ETH.
  2. Accointing thinks that those ETH2 are ETH

You don’t fix it by creating a new type of liquidity pool wallet for ETH2 on Accointing. If you do so, Accointing will only incorrectly see my ETH2 twice.

Let me try to explain it with numbers.

Suppose I have 7 ETH on Kraken. I stake 5 of them. Now I have 5 ETH2 and 2 ETH. But Accointing forgets about the ETH and at the same time mistakes ETH2 for ETH. So Accointing tells me I only have 5 ETH. My ugly workaround to that bug is to create an external wallet on Accointing, with 2 ETH. So that the sum is 7 ETH again. My workaround is also not really correct because, in reality, ETH2 and ETH do not have the same market value - in fact there is an ETH2ETH trading pair for non-USians. This difference should really be accounted for, when I’m doing my tax returns with Accointing, which is what I pay my subscription for. But my workaround is better than nothing. The feature you’re pointing me at instead implies creating a new manual type of wallet for ETH2 (which, in this case, would be the “liquidity pool”). If I do that, Accointing will see 5 ETH from Kraken + 5 ETH(2) from the liquidity pool wallet. Total 10 ETH, which is wrong.

This is a known bug, we will work to fix it :slight_smile: }
It seems this guys is having a simular issue: ETH2 / Staked Ethereum Esspecially @TacoChoco

I have created a bug report for this: ETH / ETH 2.0 staking

Hey guys, the Kraken bug report is marked as fixed, can someone please check for me? :smiley: