Kraken account shows only staked ETH not normal ETH

Hello, I’ve staked a part of my ETH holdings with Kraken, not all of them. That means that, in my Kraken account, I have bot STAKED ETH and NORMAL (NON STAKED) ETH.
Before staking → Kraken wallet in Accointing showed the right amount
After staking → Kraken wallet in Accointing only shows the STAKED ETH not the NORMAL ETH, so I get the MISSING FUNDS warning.

No answer in 2 weeks? Acknowledging the bug at least would be a start

Hello @frenzy sorry for the slow delay in replies. I was hired on Monday, so hopefully things can go faster :slight_smile:
Does this article help you? I imagine your issue would be similar to a liquidity pool.

HI @Matt, congrats on your hire and thank you for answering. Yup I worked around this issue creating another wallet named something along the lines of “Kraken workaround”. It’s kinda hacky though, and it doesn’t look good on the tax report document I have to provide my country’s tax authorities with, which is my main use for my Accointing subscription.

Also since Accointing only sees my staked ETH on Kraken not the ones I can actually transact with, this workaround implies that for every ETH transaction I do on Kraken, moving forward, I will have to manually adjust the “Kraken workaround” wallet.

I’m not sure where the issue lies - whether in Kraken API or in the Accointing implementation of it, but I was hoping that Accointing could correctly distinguish between ETH, ETH 2.0 (staked) and ETH 2.0 (staking rewards).