KICK/BTC Pairing Doesn't Calculate Properly in Wallet


I’ve added my transactions from BitMart to the Accointing import template, and all coins in my wallet add up perfectly, with the exception of the KICK/BTC order. It’s calculating the total number of coins held, but it’s inaccurately calculating the value of those coins. It thinks they’re worth $10.45 when they’re actually worth $2,295.98.

Can you please help me get this resolved? Thanks!

Is this the coin you own?

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Yes, the coin is called KickToken. That’s correct.

This is the transaction.

It’s somehow calculating the sum as $10.45.

It should be about $1,363, considering the price of BTC around the time I bought was $49,550 around the time of purchase.

One last screenshot showing how it shows in my dashboard, in case that helps troubleshoot.

It seems that you have KickCoin in your wallet but it is logging KickToken in your Accointing. I understand why now, on Auguest 29, 2019 " KickCoin will be swapped for KickToken 1:1 Ratio"
Let me ask support real quick and get back to you.

I calculated it and the 3,4108 KickToken is only worth about $10. And it seems that you own the KickCoin which much have more value or something.
KickCoin is not on CoinMarketCap and I thought all of them have been automatically swapped?
Are you able to contact BitMart to see how they came up with their calculations?

In the meantime consider voting for this: Manual entry of tokens (those not listed on CoinmarketCap)

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