Just found out that the Binance API also doesn't transmit conversion transactions

So as we know the Binance API doesn’t work transmitting any crypto purchases with FIAT as well as FIAT withdrawals and depostits.

However, I found that it also doesn’t transmit direct conversion on binance (as opposed to market trades).

https://www.binance.com/en/my/orders/exchange/usertrade (IMPORTS AUTOMATICALLY)
https://www.binance.com/en/my/orders/convert/history (DOESN’T IMPORT AUTOMATICALLY)

Another issue is that the latter are not exportable on Binance, meaning you have to enter them all manually.

Would love to have “Accointing” support confirm this :pray:


Just checked with Binance support, what the difference is between those two trade histories:

Binance Convert history (IMPORT NOT WORKING)

Spot trading history. (IMPORT WORKING)

I live in the US and cannot check this out, I will talk to my colleagues.
In the meantime, does this help?

The issue is that Binance does not send all their data through their API and therefore we get holey data.

Hey Matt - I’m actually based in Germany :slight_smile:
But ye that article helped out too. What I’m mentioning here is something that could maybe be added to that article.

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I’ll have @alantbarlow check it out! :smiley:

You mentioned you spoke with Binance support, what did they say? are you able to export the convert history transactions from binance somehow? did they confirm whether or not that information is included in the API?

Consider the following: Converter: Binance Buy Crypto History to Accointing

Update from Binance: @alantbarlow

Apparently they allow for more data to flow through now, and purchases with FIAT are now shown?

Conversions are still not given. Exporting is possible, but takes a while and it seemed buggy for me - I think it works but I was too lazy to figure it out. Turned out to be faster to just manually enter all those transactions.


Thank you for the update! Yes, there are still holes, but at least they fixed something :smiley: