Issues with Gemini

So ever since opening an account I have not been able to successfully add Gemini. When trying to add it the progress bar goes for a while but eventually it shows a red bar along the bottom of the Gemini card with the message “Failed to process your data. Please contact support

On a side note, I am unable to complete the caption on that support page, all attempts say that the captcha failed.

Hi @RoundhouseMcKik! Can you please send an email to If possible, could you add the Gemini files you’re trying to use so we can test it out internally? If not possible, if you could send a screenshot attached to the email, would be great. Thanks and apologies for the inconvenience.

Hi so it looks like Gemini importing is working now, thank you very much!

One small issue with the import though is it does look like there is an issue with 4 character tokens though and it’s cutting off the last letter. I sent an updated email with screenshots to help you guys track it down.


Am I good to close the post?