Issues: Please Create Development Plan

Dear Accointing Team

Ever since I started using your application, there have been issues. I have used a lot of my time pinpointing why there are issues and have reported them to you. I have shared detailed account and transaction data, including API access, to assist you in solving the problems.

Until now, it’s unclear if you indeed agree that the issues identified by me are indeed issues and if you intend to fix them. Some of the issues have also been raised by others in this forum. At present, there’s a huge transparency issue that results in little confidence in your application. I wonder why when you could avoid this by being more transparent!

I suggest that you set up a page, i.e. development plan, e.g. for Binance, that shows outstanding issues and clarifies if they can be fixed or not. If they can not be fixed, please summarise the reason for that. If they can be fixed, please add a tracker that shows if the work to fix has started.
Also, by doing that, you avoid issues repeatedly raised by different members.

There’s a nice workflow tool called JIRA that I use at work to track such item’s.

I hope you take these suggestions seriously and improve to rebuild the confidence this tool deserves.

Thank you for the feedback, our support team was actually just talking about implementing something like this :smiley: I will send this feedback to our team :slight_smile:

Can you please send me the link to JIRA?

Here you go