Issue importing Ledger using XPUB - use CSV instead

I think I have discovered a root cause for issues I’ve been having with Internal transactions between Coinbase / Pro and my Ledger hardware wallet. Known issues are documented in other posts about Coinbase routing all transfers to and from its internal CB regular wallets and CB Pro wallets. I have experienced those same issues, but unless there’s an unusual time delay Accointing seems to be able to sort most of those out.

However, I was having persistent issues with transfers back and forth to my Ledger hardware wallet from CB. Turns out it appears to be caused by the use of XPUB with Ledger hardware wallets. I haven’t researched XPUB yet, but Accointing will not take a simple wallet address for sync’ing - it has to be XPUB. For me, this was either missing or breaking the txn chain of multiple transfers.

Solution: I deleted my Ledger wallet (which deletes all associated transactions from the Accointing data set), and then created it again the old school way by exporting all the transactions from my Ledger into a CSV file, and then manually importing the CSV file into Accointing for the Ledger wallet set up. Presto! All my issues vanished, my cost bases were corrected, etc.

Unfortunately, this means I will have to manually import a CSV every time to sync it, but compared to the endless issues I was having with Accointing, it’s a small price to pay.

Bottom line: something about sync’ing to a Ledger wallet using XPUB seems to be broken.

this issue is know and is matter of time to be resolved


Whew! Thank you for letting me know that. I’m not familiar with XPUB and thought I was losing my mind with Accointing. I had been so happy with it for the most part, but that Ledger wallet / Coinbase thing was making me nuts! Getting it back whole is a great relief as I have come to depend on it more for my portfolio tracking day-to-day than the tax part. That part is just a bonus. I hope they keep adding more of the portfolio analysis kinds of features.

Thanks again,
John K.

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When will this be fixed? This is really an almost unforgivable problem with software at this price point. A very basic feature really, no? Connect ledger, have a reliable import of all transactions. Having to resort to a manual CSV import is frankly terrible.

soon,I hope in few days,so what i know accointing staff work now to an upgrade