Is this software for End user or for CPA?

I have imported all transactions in this software but I see that tax reports are still incorrect. I normally don’t do my taxes myself but use CPA who does all book keeping etc.

This software is consuming lot of my time and end result is still same i.e wrong reports. I am not a CPA and I don’t have huge free time. I am based in Newyork, USA.

Is everybody doing all matching/reconciliations and verifications themselves or do they have somebody to do this for you? so far, I think tax reports generated will be all wrong.

What is recommended for me? I don’t think my CPA knows this software.

Yes, @bluepasta crypto is a new thing and a new thing for CPA’s to have to learn, and not all the rules and regulations are out yet which means it can be a confusing time for Americans and other nations as well.
Typically users keep track of all this themselves and then give ONLY the tax document to their tax professional. If your CPA wants to do it for you, he would need your username and password, and may need some information per transaction so that he can classify them correctly.

After connecting your wallets and exchanges to your account, you need to classify your transactions.
Here is the breakdown of classifications: Crypto Tax Classifications : Accointing AG
Here is how you are taxed per classification: You searched for classifications - The Hub on