Is there an alternative to Accointing that actually works with Binance API?

Lots of stuff messed up when using Binance API, is this a Binance issue or is Accointing so buggy? Is there an alternative that works?

Please read this article and get back with me with any other questions you may have :slight_smile: Importing Your Transactions From

Thanks Matt, this actually helped to find some of the missing data. Still Accointing is not able to deal with some transactions and seems to calculate wrong net profits … for example: I manually added a funding of 10.000 USD but the net profit page did not include it. Pretty frustrating to be honest. :wink:

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Try the test with a stablecoin or another fiat currency. Accointing may ignore USD since that is your selected currency.

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I have also tried Koinly and CryptoTaxCalculator.
Overall I really like the community here with accointing and also the way Accointing has a mobile app as well as their over all setup of the website and display.
Binance has improved alot in the past few months with API sync. I think also if you fully validate your Binance account will also improve your sync accuracy.
unfortunately you will need to go and do things manually with Binance even after you sync and correct all the mistakes.
I have noticed that things are improving, be patient and support peoples time and work.


Thank you @vejetable :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time and support, Matt. Unfortunately it doesn’t work: the net profit stats stay way off, and the fact that fiat deposits/withdrawals might be ignored is not very calming. :slight_smile:

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Hi vejetable! This is very helpful. I just gave Koinly a try and it seems to be working great in regards to Binance API, plus it supports Terra CSV imports. Thanks a lot!