Is Accointing site working properly?

Opened up Accointing today and almost every wallet balance is missing from the overview page. Overall portfolio missing 80% of it’s value.
The few wallets and exchanges that are showing up have a delta of between 3x and 10x between real life and Accointing.

Looks like this issue started 18th Feb and continued to 20th Feb. The calculated value on the chart shows closer to reality but the overview value is completely wrong.

I 100% do no want to spend 12 hours deleting and importing wallets and exchanges and making all the manual fixes that Accointing cannot achieve for one reason or another.

Is the Accointing site working properly?

Any one else experiencing this issue?

All wallets / exchanges via API are up to date…

A similar issue appeared a little earlier today whereby only 17 of more than 100 of my coins appear. More than half of the total value has disappeared.
Update: Most of the coins seems to back, except I can’t be sure with so many coins. One that is definitely not there is Binance BETH.
Additionally, the graph shows the amount without the BETH but the Total Value looks correct.
As of 18:15 UTC, when I checked, it seems this issue has been resolved.
The only thing that still looks off is Worst Perfoming and Best Performing is in the thousands of % :wink:


And according to Accointing I now only have 1 crypto now and 3 stable coins instead of 30+ crypto coins and 5 stable coins…what is going on?!

These constant bugs and manual corrections required are so draining. It’s really tough to know if one’s portfolio is correct or not at all times. And then whether one has the correct tax calculation for their portfolio is a whole new question.

Please look into this “missing portfolio coins” issue. Thank you


Same problem here. The wallets page is showing the correct numbers and amounts. On the portfolio overview page something is going completely wrong.


got the same issue. overview page needs an overhaul.


Same problem


Same problem - the graph goes to zero for a few days between Feb 18 & 20, effectively making the chart worthless. I wish there was a way to remove this from the history.

We are still seeing some users that have transactions that are affected by the CMC price situation. This applies to all transactions that were executed while CMC was delivering the wrong prices. The price chart & history is already fixed, the affected users will need to switch their country twice (to a country of a different currency and then back to their currency), this will trigger a fresh fetch of the prices.
Here is an example:

Hi Matt

The only thing that still seems off on my side is that the Worst Performing and Best Performing are both well over 100% (it was multiples that a couple of days ago).

Just wanted to let you know.

Seems to be working now. Thanks for getting this sorted out quickly.

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Sorry guy about that, please report anything else you see :slight_smile:
And we reply faster on email if you have urgent things :slight_smile:

If you need more help with this issue please submit a request here.
Please also leave a link to this form for background context.

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This whole issue, including Worst Performing and Best Performing percentages, seems to have been resolved :+1:

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