IQQ token added


Please add IQQ token (Bittrex).


Hi! IQQ is not available on CMC. Hence, we are unable to add it. Apologies for that.


It’s not available in CMC

I hear you. CMC probably hosts the database Accointing plugs into for prices.
It’s matter of time till they add it. Bittrex recently added it and it’s getting some price action and traction.
How do we know they’ve added it though?
Is it on your list, or is there something I need to monitor and let you know?

Please let us know when it’s available and we will add it to our DB.

How do I know when it’s available?

I would try searching for it in the CMC search bar in a week or so

Hi Rod,

Here it is on CMC:

Hey! Your token request has been successfully added to the database. It should be available today at 11:00 P.M. GMT.

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