Iotex accointing vs market rate per coin

.19 vs .39 or .40 per coin so what’s with the big difference?

By my personal understanding is that on Coinbase, the IoTx coin is on the ETH network, and on all other exchanges it is on it’s own native chain or BSC or other blockchains. And for some reason, the community has decided that the ETH version is more valuable right now and Coinbase is the ONLY EXCHANGE that I am aware of that offers the ETH version of IoTx.

If your trade is way off from what CoinMarketCap marks the coin as, you can always manually add a OTC trade to set the price right in our system.

This really needs to be fixed. prices not matching. big difference in price.
These are two completely different coins. Coinbase (eth version) vs others (native version)

when accointing is importing from coinbase, it should be able to recognize that a Coinbase IOTx is different.

This is going to be a problem when this token starts pumping and pricing is not correct.

Please see the above solution if you believe that the fair market price reported by CoinMarketCap does not correctly reflect your taxes.

Thank you Matt. Apologies for being slow with this. I am not understanding the instructions above.

The coin IOTx is imported correctly with the correct purchase price into accointing. However, the market-updates are not correct because it is a different coin from the native version (as you explained above).

In TradingView, it is necessary to use the coinbase quotes/graphs to make this correction. Big difference in price from binance/coinmarketcap prices. I am not understanding how a manual-entry will keep the market price correct.

19% difference in price between both coins
current coinbase price for IOTX-USD is 0.131160
coinmarketcap price shows it at 0.1058

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