Internals classified. Why ask to classify deposits/withdraws again in review?

I just spent a few days getting all my deposits and withdraws from multiple wallets/exchanges to match up and be recorded as internal transfers in the “identify Internals” portion of review.
The next portion of review, “classify transfers” seems totally redundant and doesn’t give me the option to classify a deposit/withdraw as internal in the dropdown menu. Can I just leave them as unclassified if there is no taxable transaction from the transfer? It’s just a transfer of some crypto from A to B. Nothing in the dropdown menu classifies it.
Thank you.

It sounds like to me that you need to mark these as internals - Internal Transactions - The Hub: Crypto and Bitcoin Tax Blog |

Hi Matt,
I now see the problem. There are many possible internals that would normally get flagged automatically but the time-stamps are not within the 6 hour window because they are different exchanges across the world.
Is there a way to edit the date/time for, let’s say. ALL the deposits/withdraws in a certain exchange? Like “add 1 day and 4 hours to every selected entry” type of function?
Otherwise it seems I have to re-import all the dep/with with new time-stamps and then delete all the old ones with the wrong time-stamps. This is the biggest time-suck of my adult life.

Thank you for your help

Yes, you can go to your full data set and edit the time. But it needs to be edited per transaction.
Which exchange has the time off? How did you connect this wallet?

Thanks Matt, I deleted and re-imported transactions but set the time-zone properly. I think I’m becoming a pro with this software. Might do taxes for other people. Ha! No thanks.

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I am glad that we were able to solve this issue, thank you for using Accointing! Happy Holidays!

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