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it seems I run into a problem, that was reported over and over here. Since the Accointing team doesn’t seem capable of fixing this issue by time, I am thinking about workarounds:

But let’s start with the issue:

I have perfectly matching transactions (withdraw and deposit, including matching timestamps and even the Tx Code is the same!). They are imported via an Ledger Live CSV expoprt/import and they went from on ETH address that is handled with Ledger Live to another ETH address handled with Ledger Live.

They should be considered as “Internal” transaction. Unfortunately its not possible to classify them as this, and also they do not show up in the review section.

Question 1: Besides that i want to have it all sorted out well, is there any need to classify them as internal? Is it tax relevant?

Question 2: If it was tax relevant, would it be suitable to delete the set of the two withdraw/deposit entries and create an new one that is set up as an internal? I mean, in my case with loads of those unmatched transactions it is a hole lot of work, but in order to avoid taxation where there was only a internal transaction might be worth that heck! :see_no_evil:

Question 3: Would it be a good idea to just set both transactions on “ignore”?

Thank you for some ideas!

And for the sweet support team: Please don’t ask me to report this by e-mail. I did so already :smiley:

If this is an internal transaction from within the same within the same wallet on Accointing, then just ignore both transactions as it does not matter because it is in the same wallet in Aconting. If this is from one wallet to another then you should be able to review it on the Review page.

But now i saw that it not only happens with “Ledger Live ETH 1” address to “Ledger Live ETH 2” addresses, but also within separate exchange wallets :frowning:

Also i would assume, that since it has a transaction coast (not small in ETH), ignoring the transaction is just a dirty workaround :see_no_evil:

If you are worried about the transaction cost, you could ignore the transactions and then add another transaction for the transaction cost and then classify it as a fee.

If it is between 2 different wallets then classify them as internal.

Can you take a screenshot of your wallets, and circle the wallets that are being affected?

And then a bigger screenshot of the Data Set?

Hey @Matt, thank your for your reply! Classifying as internal does not work manually … so this is not an option :frowning:

Here is a screenshot of some manual transactions, that are not recognized as internal by the system:

See the transactions of the 16th of march.

You asked me for a screenshot of my affected wallets:



Thank you for your time <3

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Can you change it so that there is a few minutes between the withdrawal and deposit?
Also, are these the same amounts minus the fees? It seems that the numbers are different.

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Oh wow! Nasty little copy paste Problem with German and English notation of numbers!

Anyway: You made my Day, @Matt :heart:

Another problem is with following ETH transactions. I even do not really understand what they mean. The transaction value is zero, but the there is a fee.

Here is the API data:

And here I made copies with adujsted time (as you proposed some time earlier in this thread):

Any clue about this?

Workaround would be to ignore the Deposit Transaction and classify the withdraw as “fee”? But Would prefer to make the system working instead to work around the system :see_no_evil: :smiley:

Thank you so much.

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If it is 0 ETH and then it has a fee. Just leave it as is. You could also do your workaround which would do the same thing.
You cannot have internals within the same wallet, since it is 0 ETH I would leave it.

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Usually 0 cost with fee is from smart contract transactions. Don’t ignore, just classify as fee.


The amounts have to be the same from one account/wallet to the other. If manually entering, then select TYPE internal. Specify the from (ETH1) and to (ETH2) account. Specify the amount and the fee and transaction ID.

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Thank u all for your suggestions <3

AmI good to close this topic?

Yes! Thank you :slight_smile:

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