Internal Transaction Classification Missing

i am having a problem in the full data set where there is no internal option. so, i went to the “wallets” drop down and created a wallet for my cold storage. once the wallet was there, i clicked the “add data” button on the wallet. i was then taken to a page that gave 2 options: “form” or “accointing template”. i chose “form”. i filled out the form with the transaction details. i went back to “wallets” pull down and chose: “full data set” and found the transaction there. now the transaction gives the option for internal, so i chose it.

now the part i don’t know what to do about. since i created a new transaction, the old transaction has the same internal option. i don’t know if i should delete the old one (i have 2 now.) or keep both, because they tie together somehow.

Hi @maldred! Did you check if the original transaction didn’t appear in the Review (Click on the Review Button with the red dot) page: