Internal order - bulk upload

Hi all,

I do liquidity mining on a regular basis and I created several wallets on accointing to put the right liquidity pairs into them.
Since this managing requires a lot of internal orders I would like to fill them upfront in an excel and upload it. Currently I do not see the option in the upload excel provided for an upload in the wallet. It seems internal orders are not suported for excel upload.
There is a second template for the whole transactions (under services Accointing) I tried this as well. But this does not let me add something to existing wallets. I always end up with new walllets or I get errors in the form while uploading.

Is there a way to upload internal transfers?


We wrote this article on how to import your liquidity pool transactions. You can give it a shot and see if it helps. If that wouldn’t help, we can take another look if you send to us ( the following:

  1. your account details
  2. the files you’re trying to upload

Thank you, Rod.
I have seen this article. As described in the article I have to do 2 internal transfers for the liquidity pair. Since I do this quite often on “DefiChain” I have to do all this stuff manually. Therefore, I would like to upload those internal transfers via a bulk upload to reduce my manual effort. Is this possible?


Hi Amaz! Sorry for the late response. Yes, you can.

i don’t know if it’s helpful right now but i did submit a feature request that handles this automatically in a new kind of wallet called the “Liquidity / Staking Pool Wallet”. Here is a link to the feature request if you wanted to vote for it.

Hi Rod,

Can you please explain “how” I can do that since I did not found it intuitively?

Thank you