Integrate Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain integration would be helpful


I need this so much. Most of my Crypto are on there

+1, is necessary, is not a not too big ascending project BSC, should be supported

This would be highly appreciated. BSC is basically a centralized ETH clone with similar tools like BSCSCAN. Integration should therefore not be very complicated.

+1 this is really needed.
Please also support withdrawing ERC20 tokens as BEP20 Tokens from Binance. Koinly for example can not handle this and produces wrong data.

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Absolutely agree!

Also support for pancake pools, yield farms…

Much stuff I know :sweat_smile:


Hey @benny739 @MaximumRelativity @fberndt @lyonaave @muksell make sure you upvote for it please so we can prioritize it accordingly!

Hi, I did my vote already :wink:

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Hi guys! Quick update. This will be coming soon. Thanks for your patience.

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Rod, thank you so much, this is much needed. Can I ask if it will just be the smart chain integration or have you also been working on adding liquidity pools as well for things like PancakeSwap?

Hi @RoundhouseMcKik. Here’s an interesting article and workaround for liquidity pools: How to Import Liquidity-Pool Transactions to - Accointing Blog - Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking & tax Software

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Rod, so this is the exact method I have already been using. It does work but there are a few problems with it:

  • You end up with a ton of wallets
  • Transaction have to be entered manually
  • Can end up with lots of dead wallets every time you enter and exit a different liquidity pool.

It does work though, but it would be nice to have a whole separate liquidity pool section, or even better a whole defi section that might show pools, staking, loans, etc. Also eventually it would be nice to track liquidity pool impermanent loss, but I know that would be way far out, but it would be very nice to have.

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Yeah the proposed solution for LPs is not practical. The easiest manual solution would be to support 2:1 trades, but ofc automatic sync would be much better. Also there are so many LP pools on bsc right now, that it would be very good when we could just manually connect the transactions if a specific pool is not supported.

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This is great feedback @benny739! We are working very hard to provide you with as much support as possible. You got 6 votes on this already and this is being prioritized as we speak in our development pipeline.

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Very good that it is being worked on and that it will come soon.
But it would help a lot to have an approximate date when it will be finished. Since it is very tedious to do it manually.
Can you please say something about it?

I believe next week should be feasible @Phil if we don’t encounter any setbacks. Thank you for your patience.


Thanks, this sounds great. Are you planning to support LPs?

Hi @benny739! Initially we will only support tokens in the addresses. LP is different. We will have to support each LP by itself. That will take some time.

Do you have plans for manual adding LPs somehow? I’m still evaluating accointing and would love to use it, but the proposed LP solution is not maintainable. It will cost me weeks to put in all my transactions this way. So it is kind of important for me to know, wether you are planning to add something practical or not in the coming months. In koinly for example you can mark multiple transactions and merge them. Sth like that would be ideal. The only thing we would need is the option to mark 3 transactions (2 outgoing 1 incoming) and mark them als LP or sth. Also from user perspective, having a solution where you can just manually connect the transactions to the LP would be very good, because I think supporting every DEX and every LP is just not maintainable for you. There are countless new projects every day.

Hey @benny739! We hope we are meeting your expectations (except for the LP). To be quite honest, LPs is something that is quite niche compared to the needs of all users. We will be integrating LPs as it’s a general request (even inside of the team), but it’s hard to put a concrete date on this due to the fact that there are higher priorities in terms of the needs of the ACCOINTING community. We know BSC is a priority and we are already doing some progress there, but the full scope might take some time. Your approach seems quite interesting on how koinly does it. If you don’t mind sending some more information on how you think we could address this, we would really appreciate it. At we can take a look at it.