Incorrect PIVX price in the portfolio

The time on the image is now = message post time.
Portfolio price is about 50 cents higher.
PIVX/BTC on Binance is now $1.22

We use CMC @Paulito

I though that you are using the price of the exchange where I bought the coins.
The price is totally incorrect

If you look at the table, almost all the prices are around $ 1.22
I probably can’t sell on that strange exchange, also the price is from a different trading pair (PIVX /KRW).
Can you use the price from the relevant exchange?

Hi @Paulito We can’t. These are the prices shown in CoinMarketCap. Prices for the PIVX/BTC trading pair seem very consistent to me:

I don’t understand. We can’t what?
I bought PIVX on Binance using PIVX/BTC. Why don’t you use the current PIVX/BTC price from Binance?
All other prices would be inaccurate.
There are huge differences in the prices: max 1.35, min .12

Hi @Paulito! We can’t use Binance’s price. We use CMC as our price provider. For the PIVX/BTC trading pair, it variates around ±0.02 according to the table above.