Incorrect holdings and net profits line graph

Hi there, first of all, congrats on creating such a good tool to track crypto and create tax reports.

I have some questions/issues with the tool that, if fixed, will be a massive game-changer and what I would like to see for a crypto tracker that truly adds value to holders. Enumerated below:

1) holdings line graph - It is really out of line when compared to my holdings (660k graph vs 12k holdings). This does not allow me to have an accurate overall picture of my portfolio and I’m afraid will heavily impact me at tax time. (see attached)

2) Price graph - some coins are missing buy/sell points. How can this be fixed? (see attached)

3) Net profit - it is absolutely out of proportion and currently indicates profits that went up to $2.4M. That is just not possible (although I wish it was). This will definitely impact my tax reports.


Attaching screenshots