Incorrect Average Purchase Price for coins bought in IDO/ICO

I have quite a few tokens that I bought in IDO’s and because Accointing uses CMC to determine the Average Purchase Price, it uses the price of listing on CMC. In many case, especially with IDO’s, the price is very volatile and by the time it’s available on CMC it has already 10x or 100x’ed.

As these tokens are bought through Metamask, isn’t there a way to extract the base price from the ERC20 transaction history? It should be possible to lookup the ETH price (which is often used to buy IDO tokens) at the time of the transaction.

Looking forward to your reply.

Thanks in advance.

Hey, @Joris thank you for your feedback! As of now would a solution be to edit the time of the IDO purchase in Accointing to a time that was the same value on CMC?
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THanks Matt. Let me try that. Are you planning on looking at an automated way of handling this?

Let me know if that works for you:)
As of now, we are planning to eventually adding Coingecko for some price values as well as CMC.

Getting all the values from each exchange and wallet would take a ton of time, energy, and resources. And then maintaining all those in another issue. Maybe as Accointing grows, the company can look into it.

As for it being automatic, can you create a feature request with details of what you are hoping for and the community can vote on it? :slight_smile: