Incorrect Average Buy Price


The average buy price seems to be impacted by any type of “transaction”. For example, before transferring SOL (or any crypto) from the exchange where it was purchased to a different wallet to hold the average buy price is correct. But, after the transfer the average buy price is incorrect meaning the price at the time of the withdrawal is being factored into the avg. buy price. Is that normal and is there anyway to fix this issue? This has been happening for months now and I’m a bit tired of having to guess or look at the values with a caveat!

Thanks for your help in advance!

Thank you so much for your report :slight_smile:

May I ask if you marked this SOL transfer from one exchange to the other as an internal transfer?
Also, would you be willing to send some screenshots of your issue?

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I often see some of my position where the average cost basis is wrong. Often it’s because it’s a coin that I was collecting income on from say Celsius or staking income from Kraken. Somehow it throws the avg cost basis off by way more than it should. I’ve tried deleting the exchange api in question and resetting up. And sometimes that will fix the issue but not every time. It’s kind of annoying and tedious to have to enter “transaction history” and fiddling with the endless line items which often ends up causing another issue.


I find similar issues as well. When we connect our wallets/exchanges to accounting via address the average purchase price is still incorrect. It seems to give it the price when the wallet is connected? Does that make sense? And why is it necessary to have to change the transaction to internal? Shouldn’t the accounting software be able to see that it as an internal exchange or transfer if both addresses are connected?

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Yes, I have been marking such transactions as internal.

I’m not sure how to share a screenshot of the issue since it appears to be something caused by Accointings’ underlying assumptions/calculations.

Also, I would assume this issue will have significant implications for tax purposes.

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Can you guys please send us your full data set and let us take a deeper look into this issue?

If you are willing, then please fill out this form :slight_smile:

In the form please also leave a link to this post so that we have background context :slight_smile:

I have the same issue. Is there some solution or progress to find the solution?
Staking rewards have an impact on the average price of the coins/tokens.

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Did anybody do this?

Is there an update on this incorrect buy price issue?

If it is wrong, try this:

For Staking, try this:

If anyone sends in their Full Data set to the above support forum, can you please tell me your support ticket and we can take a deeper look?
Our email support team should be on it :slight_smile:

I have major issues with this ‘product’. Average Purchase Price is one of many! I am in the UK so UK’s HMRC’s taxation rules apply where average purchase prices are used as the basis for Tax calcuations; the iOS app reports a different Average Purchase Price to that shown on the Desktop App? Why? Which is correct? What is the logic? Was this tested before release? Are the tests repeated for each update to the ‘product’ - Regression Testing?

I am uncomforable sending in a complete data set, why is this the case? Because I do not want to reveal my holdings.

How many of your subscribers who report faults/errors with this ‘product’ send theor full data set in?

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Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:

Check the solution in this post: Portfolio Value graph incorrect
Also, can you send me a screenshot of your missing currencies under the Review tab?
Here is an article if prefer to read over watching that video.

Also keep in mind that Accointing takes the prices from CoinMarketCap, not from the exchanges themselves. Getting the prices from the exchanges themselves would take a ton of time and energy and may be possible in the future, but not at this time.

The reason we ask for your data when you experience an issue is because we do not see your data, whatever you put in your Accointing account, is encrypted.

Thanks for your reply.

I am confused. Are not average prices based on the filled orders? If so what has CoonMarketCap got to do with it?

Filled orders are historic and reflect what happened on that day and time. Why are they wrong and different on the iOS App vs Desktop.


Sorry, @slingTing The Accointing system gets the value of the coins from CoinMarketCap, not the exchange, which is why I was talking about that. But yes, the Average prices is calculated based on filled orders.

Would you be willing to attach screenshots of your issue? If you are uncomfortable with that, could you DM me the photos instead?