Improved CSV import

I would like to propose some enhancements to the manual CSV template import.

  1. detect duplicates
    At the moment the uploaded CSV can’t have transactions which are already listed in Accointing.
    If you do so, it adds duplicates.
    It is necessary to upload a fresh template only with new transactions.
    Please add a detection for duplicated transactions and ignore them in the upload.

  2. new column "comments"
    A possibility to comment transactions in the CSV template is heavily missed.
    In the web app it is possible to enter comments manually for each transaction.
    Please add a new column to the CSV template so the comments can be uploaded this way.

  3. automated “time zone” detection
    It is quite annoying to set the time zone for each upload of an CSV template.
    Remove this step and get the time zone information from the CSV template.
    In my opinion there a two ways to achieve this.

  • by changing the cell format to DD:MM:YYYY HH:MM:SS TIMEZONE
    e.g. 16.05.2021 18:45 UTC+0
  • add a new column to define the time zone for each transaction.
    e.g. new column: UTC+0

Hey! Thanks for the feedback! In, we work based on a voting mechanism: the more upvotes your feature requests has, the faster it moves in our development pipeline. Hopefully, you’ll get enough upvotes from this community to have it implemented.

These would be such useful improvements to Accointing.

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Especially 1 is more a bug than a feature. Currently the import is really difficult to use because of the duplicates.

Vote here for #1

Missing the comments section from the template upload seems like an easy fix, since this information is already being stored from the UI anyways. I use the comments to track inflows/outflows related to NFT sales and being able to upload comments as a part of my transaction sheet would be a big help.

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  1. Detech duplicates - vote here: Auto Detect Duplicate Transactions in the Review
  2. New column “comments” for the Accointing template - bug request sent.
  3. Automated “time zone” detection - bug request sent, but unsure if we can do this or not.

We have a NFT solution on the way! :smiley:

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