Importing Dash Accounts (using xpub key from Ledger Nano S) does not work

Hi, Dash does not work. This is not a new issue. I experienced it months ago. My workaround was to do a manual import. But this is very cumbersome. Is this a known issue? Is someone else experiencing the same issue? Error: " This is an invalid address, please make sure you are only copying Dash addresses here" (I copy/pasted the xpub from Ledger Live)



I will file a bug report, in the meantime would you be willing to allow us to test this out ourselves with your xpub address?
If so please fill out the form :slight_smile:

Hi Matt, I issued a ticket containing all the information requested. Regards, Potzi

Can you try just doing your wallet address, not the xpub address?

Hi, this is not practical. a Dash Wallet uses multiple addresses dynamically. There is practically no way to add them all upfront.



I am unsure how we track them, let me talk to the tech team.

I am very curious about this as well. For whatever reason, DASH coin is not syncing up and get an error whenever you try to add the xpub key as directed. I am using both Accointing AND CoinTracker. CoinTracker has no issues importing DASH coin along with XLM coin.
The coins that have problems right now with Accointing, but work with CoinTracker flawlessly is:

DASH (Can’t even load balance from api in Coinbase or ledger xpub key address.)

XLM (Loads balance from ledger but says it has a problem and is in red. Does not load from Coinbase api at all.)

MANA (Loads from ledger fine but does not load from Coinbase API.)

This has to be a problem with Accointing as it works with other tracking platforms perfectly. I like the layout and use of Accointing to be best but if it can’t perform the task at hand it might push others to use a different solution. Please fix some of these issues.
Thank you.

Would you be willing to send us your data so that we can take a deeper look into this? Of so, please fill out this support ticket form :slight_smile:

In the form please also leave a link to this post so that we have background context :slight_smile: