Importing Changelly CSV uses incorrect fee currency

When importing Changelly CSV from (Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform |, the Accointing system uses the incorrect fee currency for the uploaded transactions.

For Example, a line from my Changelly CSV:

| Currency from | Currency to | Status   | Date                  | Exchange amount | Total fee | Exchange rate | Amount received |
| btc           | usdc        | finished | 20 Dec 2020, 22:22:04 | 0.01343972      | 6.783338  | 23373.1676    | 307.358506      |

And the Accointing entry:

Thanks for bringing that to our attention. I have created a bug for it and will keep you posted once this is fixed. I appreciate your time and patience.

I’m having the same problem, absurd transaction fees reported from Changelly csv files over only a couple-hundred $ exchanged at the time. I’ve had to delete the Changelly data, so far until this is fixed.

Still no fix? Is it possible to alter the csv file before it’s imported into Accointing, force it to read the fee-currency correctly, somehow?