Import leverage Trading

Hi there!

I have a problem to insert trades i have done with Quantfury App.

With Quantfury App i load my Account with $50 and get $2000 Tradingpower. So it is a 20x Leverage.

How can i import such Trades including the correct deposit and withdraw history into Accointing?

I have tried it like this:

Deposit $50 → trade $50 for $2000 → doing my real trades with $69 profit → trade $2069 for $69 → withdraw my $69

But with this scheme the tax report gives me a tax-event for the 50 to 2000 trade.

So that is no workaround.

But i can also not just ignore the leverage and insert it like i would deposit $2000, because then my deposit and withdraw-history is not correct anymore.

Any solution for this?

many thanks.

You would need to create a manual wallet as we do not support auto-tracking with the Quantfury app.

Yeah, of course. But that doesn´t help with the issue described.

If I deposit for example $50 to this wallet but do leverage trading with the value of $1000, it is not possible to put this correct into accointing.

At the end I have wrong numbers. Either because my $50 deposit doesn´t match with the value of $1000 i did my trades with, or because my theoretical deposit of $1000 i did the trades with, doesn´t match with the real deposit of $50.
So this way around or another way around, it does not work.

Would manually adding a transaction classified as Add Fund be a solution? This is a non taxable classification.

Here is the breakdown of classifications: Crypto Tax Classifications : Accointing AG
Here is how you are taxed per classification: You searched for classifications - The Hub on