Immutable X token showing wrong symbol & price

Hi, I have purchased Immutable X (IMX) from It shows correctly as Immutable X (IMX) in with the corrct price, but is showing as Impermax (IMX) with that tokens price in Accointing. Would be very grateful if you could resolve this for me…Wilcham

I fixed the issue for future transactions, however, the past transactions may need to be manually fixed.

Please be aware of a bug with as we work on this fix - When creating a limit order on, Accointing will report on the balance (But not a transaction) as if the coin has already been sold, when in reality the order is still pending. If the order is fulfilled or canceled, it will go back to being correct.

I have the same error. I bought Immutabel X from FTX a few days ago and I also get the Impermax token. So its better to hide this transaction and create a manual one?

Edit: I reloaded the wallet and now everything works. Thanks for fixing this!

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