Ignore classification / function


I’ve recently noticed that the ignore classification on some trades (these are usually Kucoin duplicate transactions) is sometimes not working and tokens are therefore appearing within the missing funds section of the Review.

I have un-ignored them, then re-ignored and saved and this fixes the issue for a few days, but then they reappear in the missing funds section again.

Please could you help with this?

Great product otherwise by the way!!! I don’t know what I would do without it.

When you ignore a few transactions in the full data set, in the top right should say recalculate, be sure to do that.
Try also to refresh your wallet after ignoring and unignoring them.
When you change to ignored or unignored the amount missing in the review tab step #4 should change for that coin.
Do you have any internals for the coins in question where you sent them or reviewed them from another exchange? I have seen that be an issue before.

After doing the above, please send me photos of your findings.

Hi Matt

Thanks very much for your reply. Your suggestion does work for a few days but it then reverts back to the same problem. It’s as if the system stops ignoring some of the transactions as per the classification. It’s odd and so frustrating and I’ve noticed that it generally only occurs on my Kucoin exchnage account (with API).

I’m not sure what you mean by your last sentence. If it’s not too much trouble could you elaborate?

Thanks for your help.

I have attcahed one example below (2 photos) - if I unignore and ignore , save and refresh it clears the missing amount .5605MOVR. It’s then fine for a day or so but then the missing amount .5605MOVR reappears. I may try deleting them instead of ignoring but I suspect they will simply reappear through the when I refresh (via the API).

second photo

In your full data set click the dropdown arrow on the right side.
if you add up all your fees related to your MOVR, does it add up to .5605? I have see that be an issue before.