IDEX Manual Import Issues

I have been trying to import my IDEX into Accointing, however in the import for IDEX it prompts you to enter the “Wallet Address” I am assuming that is my Leger address since its the address I am using to trade with on IDEX. However if I enter that Address it says "API keys are invalid, outdated or missing permissions. So then I went into my IDEX account and created some API keys and tried both the Key and secret key and get the same message. What gives? I have also tried Manually importing my info, however it doesn’t read the orders correctly for my buys and sales and once I import it I just have a bunch of ETH in my IDEX Wallet on Accointing. Do I need to make a bunch of separate transaction? IE do deposits for my ETH first, then create the order for my token. Instead of trying to do it all in the same row? Its a bit confusing to be honest, even with the help in the Excel sheet. And why isn’t there a classification for “SWAP” in the Excel sheet. But on the website there is?

Also if TX address are so important to make internal connection between wallets, why isn’t there a spot to enter a TX address in the Accointing_template.xlsx? You can enter it when you do them one at a time. Seems like a disconnect, the manual import that is a 1 off has more function then the Excel sheet.