I cannot connect my Exodus wallet addresses of some tokens to Accointing

I cannot connect my Exodus wallet addresses of the below mentioned tokens to Accointing.

Please add the API connection possibility for Exodus wallet for following tokens:

Hello guy i tried the manuell way and you can copy all Exodus Assets in One.

Use manuell way
go Exodus Wallet
Developer menu can open with ctrtl +shift + D and the you get a report and all assets are in there!

Algorand - Vote here: Algorand support
Cosmos - Vote here: Cosmos (ATOM) Wallet
Dai - use ETH because Dai is on ETH blockchain and it should track it :slight_smile:
Ontology - Create a new request to have this to be voted on.
Solana - Vote here: Solana wallet support
VeChain - should already work

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