I buy the wrong report


I went to upgrade my plan to be able to download the tax report but instead of 2021, I paid for 2022. However I don’t have activity in 22 and I don’t plan to have any activity. I have 31 transactions instead of the 25 for free and, instead to hack around, I thought paying was the right option, but I understood I will be able to generate reports from the previous years not only 2022. I’m quite disapointed with this missunderstood as I just paid for nothing. Could you help me with this? It is not done with this user/email which I had a good experience for personal portfolio but instead with other email for my SL/LTD company.

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Same to me. A fried told me about Accointing and he got the Hobbyist 365 license, wich isnt available anymore. Now I am able to view all trades for 2022 in my tax-report and not the right year 2021. Useless! Need help too!

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It also seems after generating a tax report for a year you can no longer add or edit transactions for that year anymore. After generating my 2021 Tax report I am finding that I can no longer edit or add transactions into the year 2021. I found some missing transactions I need to add and a few internal transactions that are marked withdrawals that need changed. I would then like to generate a new report. Is this intended behavior of Accointing.com? What can be done to make it so I can edit 2021? Will I be able to generate a new tax report for 2021 assuming I can edit/add entries in 2021 again?


I am in the same situation. I have just paid to upgrade but had no idea it was for a different time period than I required. I need a UK tax report for 1st April 2020-31st March 2021.

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Please email us about these issues and we can fix this :slight_smile:


Also, keep our new pricing model in mind :slight_smile:

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