HYDRO Coin detected wrongly

I hold an old, discontinued version of HYDRO (0x12fb5d5802c3b284761d76c3e723ea913877afba) as well as the reissued coin (0xebbdf302c940c6bfd49c6b165f457fdb324649bc) in my MEW.

Software adds those balances together and shows them as a third coin (0x946112efab61c3636cbd52de2e1392d7a75a6f01) which I do not hold at all, at an extortionate rate which is just wrong, for either of those coins. (at time of writing, Uniswap price for the actual coin in my wallet 0xe…49bc is 0.0000000578118 ETH per HYDRO)

It may be the case that HYDRO has been reissued yet again (the Etherscan contract pages seem to indicate so), however I do not hold this third coin iteration and can’t pay taxes for any such coin.

I was planning on using your tool, please correct the error asap, tax deadline here is in 3 days.!

Screenshot_2021-04-27 Accointing - Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking Tax Software|589x53