Huobi Global integration via API or at least csv file

I would appreciate the integration of the Huobi Global exchange via API or at least csv file. Huobi is one of the biggest exchanges worldwide.

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I agree. Please work on this. Manual transaction addition via Accointing’s system or Excel sheet is incredibly tedious.

At the very least please make CSV file uploads possible.


“I would appreciate the integration of the Huobi Global exchange via API or at least csv file. Huobi is one of the biggest exchanges worldwide.”


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btw, where do you find the .csv files within huobi in order to upload them afterwards?
Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question but I already had contact with the huobi support which did not help me.
Thanks in advance!

Go to the Orders page and then trade history. click on export and it will dump you a csv file. See attached screenshot.
Similar for deposits and withdraws.

ridiculous that huobi could not provide support on that!


Hi chemicallymark,
thanks alot for your reply! Unfortunately, I have to select the custom time, since my transactions are more far away in the past. Here, Huobi only allows me to select a time point to the last three months and not e.g., one or two years ago.
Do you have an idea on how to solve this problem?
thanks alot in advance! :slight_smile: so sad, that Huobi does not support this feature in a better way…

Sorry. I don’t know about that. At least you can have future transactions.

But the ones in the past are pretty important too…bit limiting you can’t go further back :open_mouth:

All I can suggest is asking huobi C services and include screenshots

+1 from side as well. I would really appreciate a Huobi APi integration. Thank you very much for your hard work.


Hi @Sid @chemicallymark @chlippa @olli @anon! If you upvote this post, it moves faster in the pipeline, and that way we can prioritize it.


I totally agree!
Hopefully, the huobi API will be integrated in near future.
Nevertheless, thanks alot for your help :slight_smile:


i would also appreciate an API to Huobi


Bumping this topic for API addition to Huobi. Tired of manual transactions.


Hey guys, make sure to vote in top left:

In the meantime we do offer the following:

push! API please!

You can “Apply for Obtaining Account Data” via the link at the bottom of the Order History page.

For me the link was

Note that you need to submit a photo that has to meet certain requirements as part of the request. They came back to me in a day or two with an email saying the file was ready to download.

In my case the file (in xlsx format was provided) just had transactions but not deposits/transfers, so not sure if you need to apply separately for each one.

Now working out how to convert to Accointing format…

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