Huge differences in Stablecoins

my problem is diference in stablecoin. I checked ''full date set" and everything looks ok. I have no idea why my loss/profit value is incredibly higher than real. Somebody had a similar problem??

having the same issue though not that large off.
No idea what and why, transaction history seems good as well…
Hoping for an explanation/solution here.

Can you send some photos of the transactions of your stable coins? In the full data set, just search USDC.
I am also trying to understand why it says your average purchase price is $900 instead of $1?

-Please keep in mind that stable coins do fluctuate in value and that we get the value of our coins from CoinMarketCap.
-So if you bought at $1.01 and sold at $0.99 that could be part of your loss.
-Compare your transactions to the same day and time on the CoinMarketCap graph for your stable coin and see if the numbers make sense. (Use the custom date range on the CMC graph)
-If you bought a stable coin at $1.005 that would round to $1.01 that is displayed, but when doing the tax calculations when you sell the coin, our system will use the $1.005 not the rounded $1.01.

@vitaedominus we need your data to see why it says your Buy-in price for USDC is $900.45 per coin and your USDT is almost $2k per coin

In the form please also leave a link to this post so that we have background context :slight_smile: