How to report hack reimbursement?

I was part of the valuedefi hack of the multistable vault.
Due to this hack they minted and distributed VBOND.

During this hack there was a partial loss of funds. Some of my initial funds were returned and some reimbursement was given back as VBOND (which is not yet worth the original amount of the hack).

How do I classify the deposit of this VBOND into my account?
How do I split the initial principal deposited into this contract? Only part of this was lost and then returned as VBOND.

You’d need to input the valuedefi amount. Then you will have to add the amount it was traded for or the amount you got for it with VBOND and the rest that you got in your local currency. You can add those transactions manually. There will still be a differential based on what you said on the pending balance from your valuedefi worth.